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Natural Resource Economics

This program offers an area of emphasis in applied economics for natural resource economics (NRE). It allows students to further specialize in (1) natural resource and/or environmental economics, (2) regional economics and/or development, or (3) spatial analysis. The NRE program provides students with a strong foundation in economic theory, economic and policy analysis, and quantitative methods. The primary objective of the PhD in NRE is to educate professionals capable of meeting the demands at the highest levels of their chosen occupations.


Candidates for the master of science degree may be admitted on a regular or provisional basis. Prerequisites for admission include the following:
  • Twelve or more semester credits in economics, agricultural and resource economics, statistics, or appropriate social science courses (should include a course in intermediate microeconomics)
  • Three or more semester hours of credit in calculusStudents lacking these prerequisites have
Students lacking these prerequisites have to complete coursework to acquire them. Graduate programs are planned to ensure that candidates develop competence in the following:
  • Communicating economic policy issues
  • Theoretical and analytical skills to analyze and evaluate economic policies
  • Research to develop economic policy proposals