The Division of Resource Management’s primary mission is to prepare leaders who influence the economic, social, aesthetic, and functional development of communities, states, and nations, dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for all members of society in harmony with the natural environment.

The Division of Resource Management offers curricula in agricultural and extension education, landscape architecture, and agricultural and resource economics. The curriculum in agricultural and resource economics allows emphasis in environmental and resource economics, or agribusiness management and rural development.

Students are prepared to pursue graduate studies or work in agriculture, business, industry, government, finance, and related areas. The curriculum in agricultural and extension education prepares students to teach agriculture in secondary schools, enter the extension service, or accept professional employment in government, industry, or entrepreneurship. An agricultural and extension education major can also elect to specialize in environmental technology with employment opportunities available in related activities after graduation. The landscape architecture curriculum prepares students for professional careers with private firms and government agencies.

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